About Us

The Kelly Associates Management Group was formed by President/CEO William R. Kelly in 2011 to give public sector professionals the help they need to craft unique, creative solutions to the problems confronting their communities.

The KAMG team has proven its effectiveness in helping clients size up the environment, determine stakeholders, identify the landmines, figure out the best courses of action, and develop sound implementation strategies. At the core of each of our engagements is a focus on clear and concise project goals that everyone can agree on and work towards.

KAMG is a California Limited Liability Company which operates out of its corporate office in Fullerton, California and services local government and non-profit clients throughout the State.

Staff Overview

KAMG takes great care to assemble a project team based on the unique needs of each engagement. We are very fortunate to be in a position to offer our clients expertise from both executive and staff perspectives as well as generalists and specialists. The current KAMG staff reflects the following:

  • Three former City Managers (each with previous experience as staff and department managers)
  • Two former Assistant City Managers
  • A former Police Chief
  • A former Fire Chief
  • Three former Planning and Community Development Director
  • A former Deputy Community Development Director
  • A former Human Resource and Risk Management Director
  • A former Parks & Recreation Superintendent and park planning consultant
  • A landscape architect and former planning commissioner